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My name is Juliet. It is because of your unfortunate doing that you have come across my journal. So, the least I can do is torture you some more and tell you a bit more about me. ^_^

I’m an Aries ||currently situated in Canada, but would love to live in England ||in LOVE with the French culture and language ||studying the sciences ||a writer and a dreamer ||a bookworm ||a hopeless romantic ||a klutz ||an introvert at heart, but still like hanging out with my friends ||a nerd and damn proud of it ||a great lover for Harry Potter and Disney movies ||very easy to please ||not very outgoing ||paranoid ||a worrier ||a perfectionist ||a total airhead at times, but serious when the time calls for it ||loyal to those that matter||up for new challenges ||easily distracted ||not very creative, but would desperately like to be ||usually found on the net, more specifically livejournal.

I adore the little things in life ||love meeting new people ||love my little brother to bits ||get easily obsessed with many things ||have many fandoms ||tend to be shy around new people and new surroundings ||express my thoughts and emotions more coherently on paper than when I speak ||can control and hide my emotions better than most people I know ||hate being the center of attention ||want to travel around the world ||love dancing though I lack the coordination required for it ||like trying new things ||have a love affair with food ||like all kinds of music, except rap ||have many friends, but can count the people I truly trust on one hand.


Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
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